About Us

In Search Of A Taste, So Familiar.

I remember my secret wild affair with rolls begun as a child after I discovered the pleasures of sweet bread dough rolled up with a  swirl of sweet buttery cinnamon. For a child, it meant riding on the rainbow. It was a state of wonder and lightness. After a bite, what remained was a deeply satisfying sensation shared in private between me and what was eaten. These rolls have a strong way of trifling with a young eater’s aspirations and it has become what feels like a first love.

I was held by strong desires to recreate the soft, fluffy, and incredibly addictive rolls that have been satisfying the cravings of my childhood days. I accompanied the whole crafting process from the dough making until its formatting and baking. It took me a while because perfection is a harsh mistress. From the selection of two variants of flour to flavor pairing, rolling and shaping techniques to baking precision – every step is thoroughly thought through.

The recipe has evolved and grown, but I always go back to that familiar, childhood taste, the smell of the rolls ingrained in my memory.